Veteran Friendly Practice

Are you a Military Veteran (Ex-Armed Forces)?

The Sabden and Whalley Medical Group are an Armed Forces Veteran Friendly Accredited GP Practice

We are proud to support our Armed Forces Veteran community. Being an accredited practice enables us to access and deliver the best available NHS care and treatment to assist our patients who may have physical or mental health issues related to their military service. We can also assist with access to specific veteran health services (  attach link to list – can a link be put to the list re opcourage/vtn/ etc list we had on webpage previously?)

If you are a Military veteran, please let reception, your GP or nurse know so we can update your medical records.

All veterans are entitled to priority access to NHS hospital care for any condition as long as it’s related to their service, regardless of whether or not they receive a war pension.

We have dedicated staff members to lead our veteran campaigns and to keep up to date with research, accreditation amendments and enabling our veterans to access appropriate healthcare.

Our staff leads are

Dr J Hindle – Clinical Lead

Mrs D Hadcroft – Administrative Lead

If you require additional support or further information please contact a member of our team on 01254 919888

The Veteran Population

A veteran is someone who has served in the British Armed Forces (Regular or Reserve) for at least one day. Veterans also include any member of the Merchant Marine who has served in a war zone. This includes crew from convoys in World War 2 and more recently in the Falklands conflict and Gulf Wars.  

There are around 2.4 million British Armed Forces Veterans in Great Britain. About 18,000 service people move back into civilian life every year and whilst most of these individuals have similar levels of health to the general population, around 2,000 leave on medical grounds. The top reasons for medical discharge are for issues relating to back, knees, mental health and hearing.

General support and activities for military veterans can be accessed via our local branch of Veterans in Communities 

East Lancashire Areas – Veterans In Communities