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Changes to the Dispensary telephone lines

As of Monday 1st July 2024, there will be some changes made to the dispensary telephone lines and there opening times […]

Frailty Scoring

You may have noticed that we are untacking some admirative work which allows us to look at frailty, in order […]

Medicine Supply Problems

Medicine supply challenges are beyond critical. Patients are being affected on on a daily basis. Part of the problem is […]

Reasonable Adjustment Digital Flag

About this information standard Under the Equality Act 2010, Health and Social Care organisations have a duty to make changes […]

Carers Link Lancashire

Carers Link Lancashire is a registered charity who aim to support unpaid carers across East Lancashire. The charity was founded […]

Targeted Lung Health Check Programme

What is a targeted Lung Health Check? TLHC are being offered within our area to support with the early detection […]

Increased prescription charges

As you may have seen in recent news, the Government have increased the amount charged for NHS prescriptions. Charges for […]

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