Age Related Hearing Loss 50 years+ Lancashire and South Cumbria – self referral

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People aged 50+ living in Lancashire and South Cumbria who are having problems with their hearing are now being given the option to self-refer into NHS audiology AQP providers services if they are eligible.

Previously patients would have to have an appointment with their GP to be referred to these services. However, this new option will make it easier for patients, by expanding the ways in which they can access the service and meaning that they are able to bypass the need to visit their GP practice.

Patients can check whether they are eligible to self-refer by answering a few questions about their hearing problem (see self-referral form below). If they meet the eligibility criteria, they will be able to self-refer to local audiology services for a hearing assessment.

Patients should always see a GP first if:

· They have sudden or rapid hearing loss, persistent pain or vertigo.

· They have tinnitus in one or both ears lasting for more than five minutes at a time, or that is in time with their heartbeat/pulse, or that is severe enough to disturb their sleep.

Once the form has been completed, eligible patients can then contact their provider of choice by telephone to make an appointment. Patients may also contact providers for help with completing the form.

GP practices can provide patients with the referral form or signpost then to their provider of choice.