Targeted Lung Health Check Programme

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What is a targeted Lung Health Check?

TLHC are being offered within our area to support with the early detection and treatment of lung cancer. People aged between 55 and 74, who are current or former smokers will be invited for a lung health check. The check compromises of two stages, the first being a telephone call with a health professional, who will assess your risk for lung cancer. If you are deemed to be high risk, you will then be invited for a low dose chest CT. The TLHC service will organise this, as required. The TLHC Programme is currently being rolled out across England and is initially will be available in areas with the highest lung cancer mortality, but the health checks will become part of the National Screening Programme by 2029.

Why is it important?

Lung cancer often goes undetected during its early stages, due to there often being no signs or symptoms. Less than 20% of patients are diagnosed with lung cancer survive for five years or more. Targeted Lung Health Checks help to detect cancer at an earlier stages, when curative treatment is more possible. To date 80% of lung cancers found by the TLHC Programme have been at stage one or stage two, compared to 30% without this kind of intervention.