Coronavirus and COPD

You will have read information that certain groups of patients are at increased risk from Covid-19 and this includes patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). The best ways to look after yourself are to:

-Follow the guidelines re. hand-washing and reducing the risk of infection in general.

-Make sure you are taking your inhalers and other medication as prescribed.

-Make sure you have an action plan in place for if your COPD symptoms were to worsen. This could be calling the GP for advice or using any ‘rescue medication’ that you and your GP have previously discussed and arranged. As long as they are used appropriately these medications are still safe to use during the coronavirus pandemic.

If your COPD is under good control we would not recommend changing or adding to your inhalers as this will not alter your likelihood of getting COVID 19.

You may wish to consider purchasing an oxygen saturations monitor online. These cost from around £20 and can add really useful information when we are trying to assess patients via video-link.

Telling the difference between a COPD exacerbation and coronavirus can be tricky. If therefore you feel your breathing is worsening please contact your GP surgery for a telephone appointment and we can advise you from there.

In the event of severe breathing difficulties please contact 999.

For further advice on COPD plans during Coronavirus please visit

British Lung Foundation