Fees and Charges

If you are requesting a letter, form or note to be completed by a GP, you must be aware that this is not a service provided by the NHS and there may be a charge.

Below is a comprehensive and up to date (as of April 2023) list of correspondence and their subsequent charges.

Fees for services not covered by the NHS

VAT NUMBER – 789060982

Adoption Medical£73.86£14.77£88.63
Attendance Allowance DS1500 Factual Report  £17.00 £33.50  £3.40 £6.70  £20.40 £40.20
Camp America Forms£12.00£2.40£14.40
Childminders Ofsted Declaration Report Ofstead Short Report  £87.50 £17.00  £17.50 £3.40  £105.00 £20.40
Coroners Report£33.00 £33.00
CICA Report£50.00 £50.00
Disability Living Allowance Report£33.50£6.70£40.20
DVLA Medical Report£40.00£8.00£48.00
Firearms Report£45.00£9.00£54.00
HIV testing – Insurance Report£47.00 £47.00
Life Insurance Examination£120.00 £120.00
Life Insurance Medical Report Proposal£104.00 £104.00
Life Insurance supplementary report£40.00 £40.00
Medical Records (Data Protection Fee)£50.00 £50.00
Medical Report (General)£44.00£8.80£52.80
Power of Attorney Examination£110.00£22.00£132.00
Power of Attorney Report£55.00£11.00£66.00
Private Certificate (more detailed)£29.50 £29.50
School Fitness Letters£24.00£4.80£28.80
Solicitors Supplementary Letter£35.00£7.00£42.00
Solicitors Report (letter, not records)£65.00£13.00£78.00
HGV/PSV/TAXI/ELDERLY Medicals£120.00 £120.00
Fitness Examination£92.00£18.40£110.40
Private Pre-employment Medical£148.00£29.60£177.60
Overseas Visitor Consultation£53.00£10.60£63.60
Fitness to Travel£22.00£4.40£26.40
Holiday Cancellation Form£28.00 £28.00
Private Insurance Claim Form£28.00 £28.00
Passport Application£20.00£4.00£24.00
Private Sick Note£17.50 £17.50
Driving Licence Application£15.00£3.00£18.00
To whom it may concern letter£24.00£4.80£28.80