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Coronavirus and Cardiovascular Disease

In line with Government advice all GP practices in Clitheroe, Slaidburn, Sabden and Whalley have reduced face to face contact with patients to reduce the risk of spreading the viral illness COVID 19 (Coronavirus).

For this reason, we have not been arranging routine face to face reviews. However, we very much want to support you over this difficult period, and our doctors and nurses are available for advice over the telephone and we can also arrange video consultations. If, following assessment, we feel you need a face to face assessment then we can arrange this. We are currently conducting face to face appointments at Clitheroe Community Hospital.

You will have read information that certain groups of patients are at increased risk from Covid-19 and this includes patients with cardiovascular disease.

The best ways to look after yourself are to:

  • •Maintain social distancing or shielding as appropriate and follow the guidelines re handwashing and reducing the risk of infection in general.
  • Please do not ignore symptoms of worsening chest pain or breathlessness. If you think you are having a heart attack please dial 999. If you think your angina or heart failure is getting worse then please arrange a telephone consultation with us so we can put an appropriate plan in place. Sometimes we can put a plan in place to improve your symptoms without needing to see you. Other times getting you seen by us or at the hospital may still be the right thing even with the current coronavirus situation.
  • You can still monitor your blood pressure at home and send us readings. Please click on this link where you will find some advice and a chart for blood pressure readings Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Record and Information
  • We would recommend using a basic blood pressure monitor, such as those made by Omron, to monitor your blood pressure. These can be bought for around £25.

Please visit the British Heart Foundation website for further information