Ordering Online!

Did you know you can now order repeat prescriptions by logging in to your NHS App or the NHS website, and have them sent to a pharmacy of your choice? You can also use the NHS App to book appointments and show your Covid pass.
For full access to the NHS App: You can set this up yourself using photo ID or by requesting online credentials from your GP surgery, which a member of our Reception Team can provide you with.

Some notes from our Dispensary Team:

  • Urgent prescription requests – Urgent prescription requests are requests for medication which you need within 24 hours to prevent you becoming severely unwell. Only certain medications will be processed as urgent and an exception made for them to be processed that day, urgent requests for medication considered not essential in the short term will be processed in the normal 48-72 hours. It is your responsibility to ensure that your repeat prescription request is ordered in plenty of time. We thank you for cooperating with this.  
  • Requests for medication not on your repeat list that we have issued to you previously (On your acute list) – requests such as these need to be sent to a doctor. Depending on the drug and when you were last prescribed it, you may need an appointment with a GP.
  • Ordering online helps our Dispensing Team process everyone’s prescriptions faster, as it means less time on the phones, and less time sorting through requests. We encourage you, if possible, to download the app.