COVID Vaccine Booking Programme.

Today we started using a new Covid Vaccine Booking Programme called Accubook. Once your age/priority group becomes eligible, Accubook should make it easy for you to book in for your covid vaccination. Please note the following:

· The system will send a text out to you when you become eligible, inviting you to book into our next clinic. Once you receive the text, you can book a convenient date and time via the text.

· If we don’t have your mobile number on your contact details at the surgery, or your number is invalid for any reason, our reception team will call and book you in manually.

· If you have received a text invite but are struggling to book your appointment then please call the surgery and a member of the reception team will be happy to help.

· If you have booked an appointment but then would like to cancel, you can do so via the text message you received.

· If you do not respond to the invitation after 24 hours, then a new text invitation will be sent as a reminder after 48 hours.

We are currently inviting our 75 year old or over patients. If you are younger than 75 please DO NOT call the surgery to book your appointment. You will be contacted in due course.

If you are a Health and Social Care worker please refer to the H&SCW news section or Facebook post.